Gourmet Nibbles Subscription

Gourmet Nibbles Subscription

Gourmet Nibbles Subscription

$45.00 - $480.00

We have curated a gift selection from world-renowned brands to artisanal offerings, bound to delight the most discriminating tastes. Enjoy a subscription box for foodies with a curated list of gourmet foods every month, chosen by our experts at Balducci’s.

These are not your average, run of the mill snacks. We’ve chosen the latest and greatest snacks from Undercover Quinoa, The Lil’ Pops and more, made with premium ingredients to satisfy any craving. Perfect for the special someone who loves to discover something new! Each subscription box for foodies includes a curated mix of five sweet and salty snacks.

How it Works/FAQs


1. What will I receive in the first subscription box?
You will receive a selection of gourmet goods in an eco-friendly, recyclable custom box.

2.When does the box get shipped?
Boxes are shipped on the first Tuesday of every month.

3. What is the estimated delivery time?
Delivery dates are estimated to be 1-5 business days from date of shipment.

4. How much is the shipping cost? 
Shipping is free with every monthly subscription box.

5. When should orders be placed?  
Monthly subscription box orders must be placed three days prior to the first Tuesday of the month in order to receive the month’s selection. 

Shipping Information