Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers
Jocelyn Guest, Erika Nakamura, Sunomo, Sutta Saraphum

Featured Makers

Thomas Keller & Armando Manni
K + M Chocolate
Crafting the World’s Finest Chocolate

K+M Extravirgin Chocolate sources the finest cocoa beans, then processes them in a unique way, preserving the antioxidants and true flavor of the cocoa beans.

Mike D’Ottavio
D’Ottavio Farms
Conventional and Organic Fruits and Vegetables

One of the largest and most respected farms in New Jersey, growing over eighty conventional and organic fruits and vegetables, including 150 acres of blueberries.

Rich and Sherry Marolda
Marolda Farms
Fresh Produce

A dedication to freshness and flavor runs all through their family farm, producing some of the most beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes, leeks, herbs, greens, watermelon and butternut squash grown anywhere.

Formisano family
Formisano Farms Inc.
Farm-Fresh Produce and Beautiful Perennials

For four generations this family has taken pride in both their innovation and customer service as they deliver the freshest herbs, lettuces, vegetables and the prettiest blooms of summer.

Jade Zimmerman & Anna Helm Baxter
Poppi Kits
Organic Cake Kits

Locally-made, 100% organic, whole grain cake kits make it easy and fun to create bakery-quality cakes at home with decorative frosting and fondant.

Old World Greek Yogurt

A thick, velvety, protein-rich yogurt that’s traditionally crafted from a Greek family recipe and is nothing short of luxurious.

Healthier Dried Fruit

Delicious dried fruit snacks made using the whole fruit—including the rind—to maximize flavor and nutrition.


Tomatoes grown hydroponically in Ridgely MD in a soil-less greenhouse, to improve quality and extend the season.

griggstown farm
Homemade Pot Pies

Made completely from scratch right on the farm and filled with six different fresh vegetables and large chunks of all natural meat.

Van Cleve Family
Van Cleve Seafood
Chesapeake Blue Crab Pie

Old family recipe from Spotsylvania, VA made with a short crust and creamy crab filling.

Bob Carlson
art cream
Small-batch Ice Cream

Artisan ice cream made in small batches using 100% certified organic milk and cream from a family-owned single source dairy herd. 

Gail, Lois & Amy Hepworth
Local Organic Produce

This seventh-generation, organic family farm delivers healthy and delicious produce from Milton NY.