April 4th, 2020

Dear Valued Guest, 

During this crisis, our Merchant teams and Associates have been working around the clock to keep the shelves stocked and the stores sanitized and safe. Each day has brought new challenges and like all of you, we’ve been faced with situations that no one could have imagined. Through it all and with your support, our Associates have shown up, adapted to the day’s challenges, served, and smiled.

In appreciation of their service, we are giving them all a well-deserved day of rest. We will be closing all of our stores on EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 12.

If you have placed a catering order for pickup on Easter Sunday, a Catering Manager will be calling you to reschedule your date. If you’d still like to place a holiday Catering order, please call (866) 278-8866 or visit HERE.

Of course, we have additional SAFETY UPDATES to share based on the latest guidance:

  • MASKS: Washable and reusable cloth masks are being distributed to all store associates. One of our merchants scoured the country for a source and found a company that converted their NASCAR uniform production business into making masks. Balducci's is his first customer.
  • RED BINS IN PARKING LOTS: To make it easier for you to dispose your rubber gloves, we’ve placed red bins either in the center of the parking lot or near the cart corrals. Please keep an eye out for them. Our Associates will really appreciate the effort.
  • BRING YOUR OWN, BAG YOUR OWN: We’re now asking that if you bring your own bag, please bag your own groceries. If you’re using one of our bags, we’re happy to keep on bagging for you. 

Thank you for your continued support and kind words for our Associates in person, via social media channels, and our customer service lines. I read every single one and share them with the Associates in our weekly Town Hall Meetings.  

All my best,

Judy Spires

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