Funky Chunky

Funky Chunky artisan-crafted confections are the ultimate chocolate experience. These ultra-decadent snacks taste as mouth-watering as they look.

Popcorn - milk, white & dark chocolate coating caramel popcorn with chunks of cashews pecans & almonds.

Pretzels - crunchy, thick gourmet pretzels covered in milk, white & dark chocolates, smooth buttery caramel, fresh pecans and even more chocolate.

Chip Zel Pop - crispy potato chips and crunchy pretzels combined with buttery caramel popcorn, drizzled with chewy caramel and topped with layers of three chocolates: dark, milk & white.
Funky Chunky Popcorn 8 oz  $8.99Add to Cart
Funky Chunky Popcorn 20 oz  $19.99Add to Cart
Funky Chunky Pretzels 8 oz  $8.99Add to Cart
Funky Chunky Pretzels 20 oz  $19.99Add to Cart
Funky Chunky Peanut Butter 20 oz  $18.99Add to Cart
Funky Chunky Caramel Corn 20 oz  $18.99Add to Cart

Balducci's Candies

Yummy confections, sweet, chewy, gooey and oh so delicious! Our signature candies are made with quality ingredients and are perfect for every occasion.
Balducci's Gummi Peach Rings  $3.99Add to Cart
Balducci's Gummi Twin Cherries  $4.79Add to Cart
Balducci's Mini Fruit Slices  $4.99Add to Cart
Balducci's Holland Mints  $7.49Add to Cart