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Delouis Dressings

Based on a century of family know-how, Delouis high-quality salad dressings will impress the finest gourmet. Authentic and ready to use, they give your dishes an original flavor. They are ideal for crisp leafy salads, fresh vegetables or potato salad.
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Balducci's Balsamic Vinegar

A pungent, sweet barrel-aged vinegar bottled for us in Modena, Italy. The Leaf system indicates the quality of the Balsamic Vinegar. The lower leaf count corresponds to a young vinegar; the higher leaf count corresponds to a well-aged vinegar (sweeter and less acidic).
4 Leaf 8.5 oz  $10.99   On Sale $9.99
Use for special dishes, with fresh fruit or on ice cream and specialty cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano.
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2 Leaf 17 oz  $4.99   On Sale $3.99
Great for marinades and steamed vegetables.
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