Clovis Mustard

Clovis, a 19th Century French company, is renowned for creating fine mustards and other condiments using only the highest quality seeds, ingredients and standards.
Clovis Dijon Mustard 7.06 oz  $2.99
Characterized by a very high mustard seed content, this mustard assures a powerful and hot taste.
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Clovis Dijon Crock 17.06 oz  $11.99Add to Cart
Clovis Dijon Provencale Jar 7.06 oz  $3.49
Evokes the perfumes of the South of France, made from tomatoes, basil, peppers and garlic. Perfect with grilled white meats.
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Clovis Tarragon Mustard 7.06 oz  $3.99
Tarragon gives this mustard a suave, delicate and natural taste. Enhances the flavors in mushroom dishes and can be used in vinaigrettes.
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Clovis Reims Champagne Mustard 7.05 oz  $3.49
Specialty of the Clovis line of products; aged in oak barrels, its unique smoothness and full-wooded bouquet make it an exceptional component for all types of seasonings, vinaigrettes and sauces.
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Clovis Whole Grain Mustard 7.06 oz  $2.99Add to Cart
Clovis Whole Grain Mustard Crock 17.64 oz  $12.99Add to Cart
Clovis Whole Grain Mustard with Cider Vinegar 7.06oz  $5.29Add to Cart

Balducci's Mustards

Explore our full range of mustard flavors and desired hot spicing for your favorite sandwich spread, enhancing marinades and cooking roasts, a condiment for firm cheeses, smoked and cured meats and sausages.

Dijon Mustard - authentically French with a bite that is fiery haute.

Grain Mustard - mildly hot with raw grain texture.

Honey Mustard - a deliciously hot sting in the sweet bouquet.
Balducci's Dijon Mustard 13.05 oz  $4.99Add to Cart
Balducci's Grain Mustard 12.3 oz  $4.99Add to Cart
Balducci's Honey Mustard 7.4 oz  $4.99Add to Cart