Beans & Grains

Balducci's Dried Beans

Our extensive dried bean assortment includes everyday and not-so-everyday varieties - all an excellent source of fiber, protein and other healthy nutrients. Sourced from around the globe, these beans are of the highest quality and sure to complement every dish.
Balducci's Cannellini Beans  $4.99
Cannellini beans have a nutty flavor which is wonderful in pasta e fasolia, minestrone soup & hearty stews.
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Balducci's Flageolet Beans  $4.99
Flageolet beans have a delicately tender texture with a light & fresh taste. Cooked flageolet beans, tossed with lemon & fresh herbs is a delightful side for fish, meat or poultry dishes.
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Balducci's French Green Lentils  $4.49
French Green lentils texture is a bit firmer than most other lentils, holding their shape well when cooked. The quick cooking & nutritious nature of lentils make them an obvious choice for winter soups.
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Balducci's Pinto Beans  $4.49
Pinto Beans are 'the' bean for refried beans & frijoles. Its mild flavor makes this bean very versatile. Use Pintos in dips, bean salsas, chili, stews & soups.
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