Balducci’s “Gourmet On The Go”

Balducci's "Gourmet On The Go" As one of the original stores in New York City to sell premium, high-quality prepared food, Balducci’s became the icon for specialty food markets. Our “On the Go” location is an authentically unique celebration of specialty and local ingredients that provide a memorable experience.

Welcome in fall with seasonal treats at our Gourmet On The Go NYC location. Enjoy our pumpkin spiced donuts and cakes, bars and more, crafted with thoughtful ingredients and perfect for sharing. Visit our café bakery for mouthwatering delights, bursting with the rich flavors of the season.

Our offerings focus on fresh, locally prepared and sourced ingredients in our custom-made salads, artisan sandwiches, and sweet and savory crepes. The breads and pastries are from the finest local bakeries and Balducci’s has "the best coffee in New York City."

New York City
Hearst Tower
301 West 56th St and 8th Avenue
(646) 350-4194
Mon-Fri 7AM to 8PM, Sat 8AM to 8PM,
Sun 9AM to 5PM
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Johns Hopkins Hospital
Bloomberg Children's Center
1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21287 CMSC B-100
(443) 687-7659

Cafe Coffee Bar
Mon-Fri 6AM to 3PM, Sat-Sun 7AM to 1PM

Mon-Fri 11AM to 7:30PM, Sat-Sun 11AM to 5PM
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