La Balducci Amore
Good Food Is Always A Necessity
There's nothing like a well-stocked pantry. Carefully chosen, ready to be raided at a moment's notice. We've put together a sampler of some of our classic signature products and lots of new favorites. Addictive Walker's Shortbread Triangles and La Tempesta Assortimento Biscotti. Balducci's Roasted Garlic Marinara Pasta Sauce, paired with Fratini Stringozzi Pasta and Torino Sesame Flatbread. And what pantry would be complete without lots of crunch and a few morsels of sweet? With Balducci's Pastel Chocolate Cherries and Turkish Apricots, Salted Cashews and Fiordifrutta Raspberry Preserves, you'll never feel deprived again.


Balducci's Turkish Apricots, Walker's Shortbread Triangles, La Tempesta Assortimento Biscotti, Balducci's Roasted Garlic Marinara Pasta Sauce, Torino Sesame Flatbread, Balducci's Salted Cashews, Fratini Stringozzi Pasta, Fiordifrutta Raspberry Preserves, Frantoia Olive Oil, Balducci's Pastel Chocolate Cherries, Perungina Baci Chocolates
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Prices and Availability: From time to time it may be necessary for us to make substitutions, but rest assured, we know there is no substitute for quality. Replacement products will always be a comparable item of equal or greater value. All baskets are available while supplies last.

During summer months, it is strongly suggested that overnight shipping is selected when purchasing chocolates. Delayed delivery can cause product to melt. If purchasing a gift basket containing chocolate, unless overnight shipping is selected, we will substitute chocolate with a hard candy or other sweet item.