Starters (Serves 6 unless noted)

Lobster Risotto Puffs

With saffron aioli
27.99 / dozen

Beef Short Rib and Roquefort Hand Pie

Slow cooked short ribs with carrots, celery, onions, garlic and rosemary combined with aged Roquefort and wrapped in delicate puff pastry.
24.99 / Dozen

Spinach & Feta Pockets

Paper thin dough stuffed with a traditional spinach and feta filling and seasoned with scallions and dill.
24.99 / doz

Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Soup

Hearty, seasonal broth based soup.
10.99 / quart

Kobe Pigs in a Blanket

With spicy mustard for dipping.
19.99 / dozen

Mini Maryland Crab Cakes

With chipotle-caper remoulade.
36.99 / dozen

Stuffed Mushrooms

With spinach, bacon & parmesan.
16.99 / dozen

Caramelized Onion Tartlets

With preserved tomatoes, goat cheese & thyme.
17.99 / dozen

Butternut Squash Soup

Pureed until smooth with a touch of cream.
10.99 / quart

Lobster Bisque

With cream & a touch of sherry.
12.99 / quart

NOTE: Items on our menu are served chilled. Reheating and cooking instructions are provided with order.