Bakery And Snacks

Jimmy's Cookie Platter

16.99 / Serves 8-10

Balducci's Football Cookies

8.99 / pk

Brownie Platter

Choose from chocolate or assorted.
15.99 / ea

Mixed Nuts

Cashews, pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios.
22.99 / ea

Sweet & Savory Snack Sticks

Twisted cracker sticks. Assortment of Cheddar and Cinnamon. Serves 6.
9.99 / ea

Mixed Snack Platter

Mixed nuts, dried fruits, sweet and savory snack sticks, brownie squares and almond biscotti. Serves 10-12.
39.99 / ea


A pan of rich, moist cornbread.
9.99 / pan

Clever Confections

The best of our brownies, bars and cookies.
24.99 / ea

Food will be served chilled and reheating instructions will be provided.

All online orders placed by 2pm will be available for pickup as early as the next day. If you need to place an order after 2pm for pickup the next day, please call 1-866-278-8866.