Starters (serves 6 unless noted)

Chopped Chicken Liver

With schmaltz, caramelized onions & hard cooked eggs
10.99 / pint

Classic Chicken Soup with Dill

With carrots, celery, onions & dill in a savory chicken broth
10.99 / Serves 2 -3 quart

Matzoh Balls in Chicken Broth

12.99 / quart

Gefilte Fish

Whitefish, mullet, onions, eggs & a touch of sugar, sliced & served with fish jelly & carrot coins
16.99 / 6 slices

While our menu selections are Kosher-style, they are not Kosher.
Food will be served chilled and reheating instructions will be provided.
If you need to place an order after 2pm for pickup the next day, please call 1-866-278-8866.