Chanukah Starters

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken, carrots, celery, onion and chicken broth served with tender noodles.
10.99 / quart

Chicken Liver Plate

Chopped chicken liver, served with hard boiled egg, red onion and brown bread squares.
9.99 / ea

Matzoh Balls in Broth

Light matzoh balls in a savory chicken broth.
12.99 / quart

Chopped Chicken Liver

Our traditional recipe with caramelized onions & hard boiled eggs.
10.99 / pint

Spinach & Feta Pockets

Paper thin dough stuffed with a traditional spinach & Feta filling & seasoned with scallions & dill.
19.99 / dozen

NOTE: All of our food is served chilled. Reheating and cooking instructions are provided with all orders.

While our food is fabulous, it is not Kosher.