Balducci's Custom Cakes*

*Note: Custom cakes are available in Washington, DC Metropolitan stores only. All custom cakes require a 72-hour advance notice.

Whenever we look back on those momentous occasions in life - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries - there's always one particular item that commemorates them all: a cake. It is the sweet finale to a joyous occasion, one that delights not only with its rich flavors, but with its beauty.

At Balducci's we know the great significance a cake makes to your special milestones; that's why we pride ourselves on creating the very best custom-made cakes around. Each one is an artistic masterpiece and made to individual order, right down to the minutest detail. We can:

  • Inscribe messages
  • Add floral designs (both fresh flowers and from bakery ingredients)
  • Top with fresh fruit
  • Create textures (basket weave, lacework, etc.)
  • Draw pictures

You name it, and we can probably do it!

Of course, our cakes aren't only beautiful to look at; each of them is a gourmet masterpiece. Our team of chefs use only the finest butter, cream, vanilla, chocolate and other ingredients   to create our cakes, so each bite is moist, flavorful, and decadent.

You'll see that when it comes to dazzling artistry and luscious flavors, Balducci's takes the cake!

How to Order

Once you've looked at our photos(2MB), take some time to create your own cake.

Our Cake Elements Chart will allow you to custom build your cake to your own specifications.

When you're ready to order, you can fill out an Order Form and send it to us.

If you are ordering a wedding cake, please use our Wedding Cake Order Form, designed especially for the occasion.

Come in to one of our DC metro area stores and ask an associate for more information. You can work personally with our department to create that cake you've been dreaming of. You may also call 866-278-8866 to order over the phone.